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Please Note this program is Shareware. It is not Freeware. You are permitted to try the program for a maximum of 30 days after which continued use will require payment of the registration fee. For details about Registration see REGISTRATION COMMAND . For details on planned features for the next version see WINFOIL VERSION 4.0.



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What's new in Winfoil Version 3.0

What's New in Winfoil V2.2

Overview and Features

User Interface

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Technical Support

Winfoil Version 4.0 - Planned New Features


How to

Create New Airfoils

Modify thickness,camber and mirror surfaces of existing Airfoils

Import Airfoils, Wing Designs

Export Airfoils, Wing Designs

Create Designs (wings, tails and fuselages)

Create Spars

Create New Design Components

Create a new design by tracing a picture

View a Wing or Tail Rib

View a Wing or Tail Design in 3D

Register this Software

Export to DXF file

How to add Airfoil Coordinates

How to trace a design picture

How to add Buttons to a Tool Bar

How to create a new Airfoil by tracing a picture


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